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Hospital Jerusalem in Tijuana - Pictures

Hospital Jerusalem is a state-of-the-art facility located in Tijuana, Mexico which receives hundreds of American and Canadian medical tourists seeking quality and low cost weight loss surgery.

With over 20,000 weight loss surgeries performed over a span of two decades, Jerusalem Hospital prides itself in being one of the leading centers of excellence in bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Scroll down to take a look at the pictures of the hospital taken by the Medical Tourism Corporation team during a tour of the hospital.


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Jerusalem Hospital - Reception & Waiting Area

The hospital features a comfortable waiting area. You will be met by a team of amicable and hospitable, English-speaking staff members.

Hospital Jerusalem Reception

Doctor at Hospital Jerusalem

Patient Co-ordinator - Jerusalem


Hospital Pick-up Fleet

Hospital Jerusalem is in proximity to the San Diego airport. The hospital is just a 20-mile drive from the airport. The hospital has its own fleet of vans, providing free pick-up.

Hospital Jerusalem Pick-up Van

Transport Vans - Hospital Jerusalem


Waiting Lounge - Hospital Jerusalem

Take a look at the hospital lobby. The comfortable ambiance of the hospital makes the thought of traveling acros the border for easy-on-the-pocket gastric sleeve and lap band surgery less intimidating.

Waiting Area - Jerusalem Hospital - Tijuana, Mexico

Lobby Area in the Hospital


Highly Competent Bariatric Surgeons and Staff

The weight loss surgery hospital in Tijuana features highly experienced and competent staff. Our lead weight loss surgeon in Tijuana, for example, has experience of performing over 1,500 gastric sleeve and lap band surgical procedures.


A member of international organizations of repute such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity, the bariatric surgeon has undergone various post-doctoral training programs.

Weight-loss Surgeons - Hospital Jerusalem


Well-appointed Patient Rooms at Jerusalem

The hospital features neat and comfortable patient rooms. Alternative accommodation in a close-by four star hotel in Tijuana can also be arranged for by the hospital.

Comfortable Patient Beds

Neat Toilets in the Hospital


State-of-the-art Operation Theater

The leading weight loss surgery hospital in Tijuana - Mexico features the latest equipment and technology in its operation theater.

Operation Theater at Jerusalem

High-tech equipment - Hospital Jerusalem


A picture is worth a thousand words. We hope that this tour of the hospital in Tijuana will help you take an informed decision about choosing the hospital.

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