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Hospital Angeles Tijuana - Pictures

Scroll below for pictures taken by the Medical Tourism Corporation team during a trip to Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico.

Hospital Angeles - Tijuana, Mexico

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The Hospital Angeles, Tijuana is about 25 minutes from San Diego, CA Airport.


Although we arrange free ride from the airport or any area in San Diego to the Hospital, FYI, there is a Trolley every 15 minutes that runs from San Diego Downtown to San Yashidro, the last town in USA, before entering Tijuana, Mexico.



Hospital Entrance


Front Lobby

Front lobby

front loby

Hospital Wall Decor

wall decor

wall decor 2

wall decor 3

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Nurses Stations

nurses station

nurses station

nurses station

Entrance area to patient private suite

patient suite entrance


Patient private suites in Hospital Angeles, Tijuana are spacious & have all the modern amenities for a patient & and accompanying guest.

private suite

private suite bed

private suite bed

private patient suite

Rest Room - patient Suite

Modern Emergency Room Beds

E R Beds

Emergency operation theater

E R Operation Room

Hospital Angeles has the latest medical equipment

Fluroscopy Machine

Fluroscopy Reader


Tomography Reading

X Ray Machine

Hospital Angeles, Tijuana is self contained. The patient or the accompanying guest should not have to leave the hospital compound, unless its a personal desire.

Hospital Chapel


Cafe 1

Cafe 2



The outside hospital compound is very well maintained.

inner compound

inner compound

Just across & around the hospital are famous US businesses.

Cinemark Across Hospital

Pizza Place Across Hospital

McDonalds Across Hospital

View Behind Hospital

Although, hotel stay is usually not used in most cases as an accompanying guest and a patient are accommodated comfortably in the patient suite itself. In case required, there are three luxury hotels near to the hospital. Special rates can be arranged with them by the Medical Tourism Corporation..

Hotels in Tijuana Used by Medical Tourism Patients

Medical Tourism Team Hopes these pictures of Hospital Angeles will help in your journey to select the right medical destination for you. Watch the video, interview & more information on Hospital Angeles, Tijuana, Mexico on our site. Our goal is a satisfied & happy medical tourist. We facilitates medical treatment at Hospital Angeles, Tijuana and other world class hospitals. Request a free quote using the form on this page for more information.

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