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Rib Removal Surgery in Mexico

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

There are plenty of reasons why an individual would want to have a rib resection. A rib resection may be necessary to treat fractures that may pose a risk of damaging lung tissue. Some may seek it out in order to treat thoracic outlet syndrome. Still, there are others that may choose to get a rib resection for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Whatever reason you may have for pursuing it, it is worth looking into rib resection in Mexico for its many benefits, as well as the country’s reputation for medical tourism.
Before and After Rib Removal Surgery

Information on Rib Removal Surgery

• A rib resection is the surgical removal of a segment of the rib(s), which is sometimes performed to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. In fact, there are some patients that pursue rib removal in Mexico to get a smaller looking waist.
• In rib removal surgery, the site of the cut is usually dependent on the location of the rib to be removed, as well as the nature of the accompanying procedure.
• Resection is done with a skin incision, then dissecting down to the involved rib, and then cutting the rib free with surgical instruments designed for cutting bone.
• The usual result after rib surgery is a more defined hourglass shape of the body.
• Many patients also end up with a noticeably smaller looking waist as well as a smaller measuring waistline.

Why Get Cosmetic Rib Removal in Mexico?

There are plenty of benefits of opting for the removal of floating ribs in Mexico. Let us enumerate a few:

• The cost of cosmetic rib removal in Mexico, as well as many other surgical procedures, is much lower compared to in many other countries like the United States and the UK. Americans who may want to cut costs on rib removal should pursue options for rib removal in Mexico.
• From many places in the United States such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, California, Texas and New Mexico, Mexico is easily accessible. Besides savings on the cost of rib reduction surgery in Mexico, patients can save even more money by spending their recovery time at home.
• Hospitals in Mexico are popular for affordable health care services that they offer. It is not a secret that they are a popular alternative for scores of Americans who either do not have health insurance, or cannot afford health care in their home country.
• As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 48.2 million Americans did not have medical insurance in 2008. Considering the fact that self-financing exorbitantly priced procedures back home might be beyond the financial means of many, Mexico’s state-of-the-art hospitals providing quality medical services at a fraction of the American prices come across as a viable option.
• The staff at these Mexican hospitals is quite fluent in English. Patients who choose to get their surgeries here should not be worried that they will have a hard time communicating with their nurses and doctors.
• Mexico is a country not only known for its affordable surgical procedures, but also known for its beautiful beaches and romantic vacation spots. If the budget allows for it, patients can choose to recover in a beautiful resort in Mexico.
Roadview in Tijuana

Medical Trip to Mexico – Helpful Tips

If you’re planning to head down for cosmetic rib removal in Mexico, here are a few helpful tips to make the trip go smoothly.

• Make sure you do proper research on the Mexican doctor that you want to work with. Contact him beforehand and have a few discussions via phone so that he not only gets a clear idea of what you want, but can also address any of your concerns
• It is not enough that you book your preferred doctor. It would also be good to do some research on the hospital that you want to stay in.
• If you are traveling with companions, make sure that you arrange for their accommodation beforehand. Depending on the number of companions that you may have, not all of them may be allowed to stay in the hospital with you, so it is recommended that you find a nearby inn or hotel for them to stay in.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to have a rib reduction surgery, it is good to know that there are plenty of options out there for you. One of them is to have rib removal surgery in Mexico, should you want to have a budget-friendly solution to your cosmetic or medical concern.

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