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Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery & Cost in India

MTC Cervical Disc Replacement Cost: 8,500 – 24,000 US Dollars

Cervical disc replacement (also known as artificial disc for cervical disc replacement, or total disc arthroplasty) is performed in case of cervical disc herniations(degenerative disc disease where a portion of the spinal disc pushes outside its normal boundary). Although new to the USA, this spine surgery procedure has been carried out in India and many other countries for many years now.

Prestige Cervical Artificial Disc System (FDA Approved)

Anesthesia and Blood Transfusion
This procedure is recommended for patients, for whom non-operative treatment has not helped. The procedure involves removing the affected disc, disc fragments or any bone spurs. The disc space is jacked up to the desired normal height (that should have normally been, in case of no disc disease). Following this, the surgeon implants the artificial disc into the prepared disc space.

General Anesthesia is administered for the procedure. Blood transfusion is usually not required

Hospital Stay and Post Procedure Care
Hospital stay is about 1 – 2 days. A stay of 7 days in the host country is suggested.

Benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement